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Best of Japan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011

1. Designer : Tsumori Chisato 

Simple in their cutting, Tsumori Chisato’s designs are personalized by numerous hand-made materials and innovative luxurious fabrics with pasted-on jewellery, embroideries, intricate beading spangles, and printings. Graceful, elegant and fun at the same time, Tsumori Chisato’s work has been greatly appreciated over the years.

Spring 2011 report : A Parisian gamine spirit that gives an extra touch of sex appeal to her fun creations and Japanese manga-style depictions, thanks also to some kimono jackets.
Colors: Black, red, green, white, light blue, yellow, coral, ivory, orange, sky blue, lilac, mother-of-pearl, pink, fuchsia, aquamarine. 

The shapes were loose, flared, at times oversized, straight or flowing with added volumes on the shoulders or at the neck.The Fabrics used were : Silk, satin, nylon, rubber, chiffon, jersey, lurex, tricot cotton, studs, linen, beads, lace, sequins, lamé, tweed, denim. The accessories were two-tone platform décolletées, satin mini top hats,  maxi rain hats, rubber rain boots, long striped knee-socks, feline sunglasses, striped chiffon leggings, two-tone lace-up Chelsea boots, platform sandals with bows, cloth belts, patchwork shoulder bags

2. Designer : Hiroko Koshino 

Hiroko Koshino’s designs are known for their attempts to bridge the tension between traditional Japanese culture and values and the massive influence of Western aesthetics in the industry. Koshino has strived to overcome the duality of cultures in Japan by reintroducing classic forms such as the Kimono in new ways, making it viable for everyday wear and use.
Many of her garments utilize the same basic idea from traditional Japanese dress in which the more clothing someone wore, the more status they displayed. She oversteps tradition though by introducing more volume, a softer, more natural set of materials, and designs more asymmetrical than were seen in the past. Her fabrics will often greatly contrast, including the use of things like fur and modern metallics in unison, and the wearability of her designs has made them popular throughout Europe and America as well as in Japan.

Spring 2011 report : Theme being "Colors of Light and Wing", exclusive 65 bodies were displayed at the runway.  The doyenne of Japanese fashion never disappoints, although this season’s show struck some of the same notes as her spring/summer collection from last year. This time the backdrop was a large painting that nicely set off many colourful (cf. the title of the collection) pieces that poured in after the restrained trickle of monochrome ones.

Some of the textiles were reproduced by the designer's original monochromatic ink paintings, which consequently express different colours arising from the monochromic world. All together, the collection were much about appreciation of multiple of colors,  from black and white gradation to glisten spring summer sunshine colour, which lead to big applause from full audience.

 3. Designer :  Hiroyuki Horihata / Makiko Sekiguchi for MATOHU

An interesting and conceptual brand they fuse traditional techniques and Japanese history into their collections. The line is often beautiful and ornate and has a proud Japanese heritage. They always play with natural colors and their styling is often done with layering of fabrics in a traditional way. 

Spring 2011 report For spring-summer, designers Hiroyuki Horihata and Makiko Sekiguchi turned out a delicate collection of loose-fitting jackets, long skirts and clam diggers in Easter egg hues like pink, yellow, blue and lime, often in bold stripes or  checks. As the show progressed, the palette darkened to indigos and purples. Zig Zag patterned knits were also incorporated into several looks.

Matohu’s spring 2011collection had lot of colour blocking in softer and lighter tones which reflected delicacy and feminine. The volume was represented by doing lot of layering with cotton, linen and other sheer fabric outwear, one over the other.

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